Folk Fest, Saskatoon, SK Canada

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The Ladies for Liberty will represent a by-gone era from WWII and honor all Canadian Veterans and Active duty service men and women.

Folkfest Mandate
To produce an annual festival for the purpose of educating the public about the different cultures within our society in order to appreciate one’s heritage and preserve valued aspects of culture. To provide scholarships to deserving students for the purpose of fulfilling their educational goals.

Honourary Ambassadors
Folkfest’s Honourary Ambassador is a dedicated individual whose commitment to voluntarism and community service personify the spirit of Folkfest. The Honourary Ambassador officially installs Pavilion Ambassadors at the Folkfest Gala, and visits each pavilion during the festival.

Folkfest Ambassadors
Pavilion Ambassadors are your official hosts at each Folkfest Pavilion. These dedicated volunteers represent their cultural heritage group at public and media functions, and devote much time to making your Folkfest visit the most enjoyable experience possible.

Youth Ambassadors
Your pavilion co-hosts are the Youth Ambassadors, young people whose duty is to help welcome visitors during the festival, and to make personal appearances on behalf of Folkfest at community events and official functions through the summer. Folkfest’s Youth Ambassador program enables young people between 15-21 years of age to meet new people, exchange ideas and learn to respect one another’s cultural traditions.

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