What Our Fans Are Saying

“Dear Ladies,  It was a blessing to be on hand for the program last night.  I have leukemia and was very tired and my husband came as a favor to a friend who had just lost her husband.  I was so glad I went to witness three ladies who know how to present womanhood in an appropriate way.  I thank you for your loving cordiality and your behavior on stage which reflected God’s principles.  This is not often seen these days.  Your music was beautiful and a special tribute to the military.  I especially appreciated the music of the second half which spoke of God blessing America and our faith being in Him.  We hear this less and less these days, and God’s principles are frequently violated and ignored. Thank you for reminding us that this country was created with faith in God in mind.  Thank you for asking Him to bless us as you concluded your program.  May He richly bless you as well.”  Ms. Marylyn Kuivinen, Rocky River Retirement Community, Rocky River, OH.

“Thank you all so much for the amazing show yesterday!  I loved it!  Because of your support, we are able to help military and veteran families when they need us the most.  This generous support will go to change and save lives.   THANK YOU – On Behalf of everyone at USA Cares and the military families we assist.”  Ms. Tiffanie Bailey, Chapter Field Officer, USA Cares

“On behalf of all of us on the Clifton Forge Main Street Board, I want to thank you for your wonderful concert at our Stars and Stripes evening event on July 4th.  It was a delight to meet you and we were deeply touched by your interest in our community.  You even took the time to see some of the town’s new venues!”  Ms. Mott Atherholt, Clifton Forge, VA

“I cannot say it enough but the Ladies for Liberty brought home the show!  Everyone loved their performance; especially the two gentlemen that shared a dance during the last song.  My hunch was correct!  You Ladies are the best!”  Mr. Chuck Scott, Sons of the American Revolution, Louisville, KY

“I doubt that my vocabulary is sufficient to explain the great pleasure I (and everyone) enjoyed on the Bluegrass Honor Flight on May 16 with the Ladies for Liberty.  The entire day for me was a day that I shall remember always, and the Ladies for Liberty was a very important part of that day.  How can I say it any better than “Andrews Sisters eat your heart out.”  Here’s to you Ladies for Liberty, God bless each of you,  and God bless America!” Mr. Evert T. Vaughn, WWII Veteran, USS LST 1120

“I wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed working with you.  It was an absolute pleasure!  Your show is captivating and polished–and you ladies look stunning even in the rain and humidity.  I especially enjoyed the solo numbers which show each of you to be a talented performer in her own right.”  Ms. Cyndi Black Colburn, The Cyndi Black Big Band, Grove City, OH

“Please accept this thank you for the wonderful CD’s you sent my Dad.  Dad was a music lover, so he really enjoyed seeing you at Canada Remembers Air Show in Saskatoon.  Unfortunately, Dad passed away a few months ago.  While we were in the Palliative Care room, we played your hymns as we knew Dad would find it very peaceful.  Thank you again for your generosity.”  Linda Pincamin, Saskatoon, SK Canada

“Thanks, again, for such a wonderful night!  Guests, staff, and even the caterers have been buzzing about how terrific the music was tonight.”  Jodi Lewis, Frazier History Museum, Louisville, KY

“Just a quick thank you from the Outreach Team at Crescent Hill UMC.  You all were so fantastic last night. I still have goosebumps.  The crowd loved you and you were amazing. Our Veterans Day USO Dinner was in the works for almost 18 months and it is hard to believe that it is now over. The Ladies made it more special than we could have ever imagined. Thanks so much and hope to see you again soon.” Larry Church, Crescent Hill UMC, Louisville, KY

“You are the real deal! I wish I could find the words to do justice in trying to explain to you what it meant to me alone-It is so obvious the Passion, Heart, Soul, and Personal Sacrifices you all put in this to make a difference in others Lives!  I know this may sound silly-but you left me with a feeling I have never felt before-it was just different and I almost felt as if I had lived in this ERA and was reliving it!” Joey Elliott, Bedford, IN

“I have nothing but praise for your performance!  Everyone that evening and the next morning around the “coffee and doughnuts” talked about how great the Ladies for Liberty were!”   Jim Duncan, FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) Rally, Brooksville, FL

“Please accept my congratulations on a job well done today at the GLEC-Military Officers Association Luncheon at the Audubon Country Club.  You all were great!  Only complaint is that you did not sing long enough!” Col. Courtland Clayton, Louisville, KY

“I want to thank you for a great performance in the Annual Gatlinburg July 4th Parade.  You Ladies were indeed a blast from the past and it was a memorable moment.  You guys looked great in the parade and we also enjoyed your performance at the Tuskegee Airmen VIP Luncheon earlier in the day.”   Fidel Cantu, Kodak, TN

Just a short note to say thank you.  Thank you for your professionalism. Thank you for coming out of the choir box and helping the young singer. Thank you for what you do in our community. Thank you for your understanding. We were blessed to have you at our event. I can’t tell you the number of compliments I received on your performance. My wife and I will be praying for your group. Praying that our Lord and Savior blesses you, your group, your families and continues to allow you to bless wherever he leads.  Thank you!” Will Stolz, Hooray for Our Heroes.

“It was such a joy to see you wonderful ladies this afternoon.  Your beautiful voices, and your caring hearts, helped make the Sgt. Beyco Memorial so special for everyone.  Thank you for all you do, and for being who you are.  It is an honor to know you, and to call you friends.”  Sherri Stovall, Senior Ride Capt./Patriot Guard Riders/Honor Flight Bluegrass/Comm & Military Outreach Dir.

“Saw The Ladies singing the National Anthem at Thunder Over Louisville.  Why did you jump when the Howitzer fired off?  Y’all did a good job! Looking forward to seeing you in November.”   Bill Meyer, Louisville, KY

“Just wanted to tell you what a knockout show you ladies did at the Wounded Warrior Benefit Concert. We were with several other friends of our “demographic” age who had not heard you all perform before.  They were mesmerized.  The two other guys and me (66, 69 and 68) had to sing along with “Happy Trails to You”.  It brought back some very ancient memories of Roy, Dale sitting atop Trigger and Buttermilk singing through our tiny black and white TV!  Thanks for the memories..to quote Bob Hope.”  George Owen, Louisville, KY

“I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed your show. We brought the elderly gentleman that you sang Oh Johnny to.  He enjoyed that so much and I know you took him back….he is a WWII Vet.  God speed!”   Phyllis Stafford, Vevay, IN

“Thank you for the great photo of all my “Ladies for Liberty” taken at ICAS.  It is great and I look forward to seeing you at this year’s ICAS.   I use my LfL tote bag all the time! I love it!”  Best regards, Julie Clark, Aerobatic Pilot

“I just wanted to say how much I feel you were appreciated by all in Saskatoon.  You ladies brought some zeal and wonderful music to all who participated!  It was an outstanding performance both at the Air Show and the Sherbrook Veteran’s Home.  Your sincere thoughtfulness towards the Veterans was special.  Please stay well and keep singing and dancing…as it truly is an amazing gift of all three of you!”  Tony Towstego, Saskatoon, SK Canada

“You girls are not only talented, you’re good looking, polite, fun, professional, energetic, anxious to pitch in on a whim….Cool.  Otherwise, in Canadian, you’re ‘hot’!!  Thank you for the visit.”  Brian Swidrovich, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

“Thanks, Wanda and The Ladies for Liberty!  Wonderful singing and great to have you be a part of our Massing of  The Colors!”  Warmest regards, Maj. Gen Carl Black USAF (Ret)

“My boyfriend and I enjoyed your show so much in French Lick.  I want to give him your CD–Let’s Celebrate CHRISTmas at the beginning of the Christmas season.  Thank you!”  Susan Owen, French Lick, KY

“Thank you for gracing us with your presence at the air show in Saskatoon! I haven’t stop talking about you!!!”  Dawn Wall, Saskatoon, SK Canada

“Just wanted to thank Wanda, Jeanette, and Angie for a great performance at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend in Reading, PA. Your harmony and stage presence was suburb, out shining the other acts definitively. I purchased all your CDs that were available at the show and enjoyed them during my trip home. Hope to see your performance again next year. Keep up the great work and continue to promote the memorable music of the 1940s.” — Dr. Richard Chwastiak, Reading, PA

“It’s Sunday afternoon and I just got home from our H.U.M.W. Annual Kick Off Luncheon…and yes, I am still “dancing”. For those of you who did not attend, I must say you missed one of the best entertainment groups we’ve EVER had, The Ladies for Liberty. It brought back a lot of memories for me.” — Pam Smith, Huntersville, NC

“Just wanted to tell you how very much we enjoyed your performance last night with the Huntsville Symphony. It’s a wonderful group and I’m bookmarking in case your schedule brings you near where we will be. Keep it up–The Ladies for Liberty are A+.” — Linda, Huntsville, AL

“I loved the singing by your trio this morning on WAVE TV 3 Listens. My husband is retired military and I have many other honorable veterans in my family…brothers, father, grandfathers, father-in-law, brother-in-law as well as many friends! Thank you for supporting our military men and women! Blessings to you and your group!” — Barbara Jones, Brooks, KY

“I enjoyed your performances at WWII Weekend in Reading, PA so much yesterday. My daughter and I listened to your CD the entire 2 hour ride home!” — Duncan C. Macqueen, Nassau Park, NJ

“I just wanted to say a big “Thank You” for performing at the WWII Weekend at Reading, PA this past weekend. I really loved your performances. Thanks for bringing back that unique Andrews Sisters sound. WOW! I heard many people speaking very highly of you. We sure would like to see you return next year! Also, thanks for being so kind and friendly. You truly have a wonderful way of honoring our vets and keeping this music alive for those of us who love the music of this era. Again, thank you so much for adding something truly special to this memorable weekend.” — Mark Phillips, Blandon, PA

“I had the best time last night! A wonderful evening. I could have listened to the “Ladies” forever, and I’m glad I bought your CD!” — Dan Patterson, Louisville, KY

“I received your new gospel CD earlier this week, and waited until I had the time to sit and enjoy it. That time was tonight, and ….. WOW! You gals just get better and better. The clarity of the recording is simply amazing. Thanks sooooo much for sharing this with me, and sending me down memory lane for an evening. Wishing you all the best.” — Wayne Hettinger, Visual Presentations, Inc., Louisville, KY

“Thank you and the other 2 ladies for sharing your talents with us on Monday. Our group LOVED you and hope you will return. We’ll make it happen if at all possible. I so enjoyed working with you and your help in arranging the songs on the program…..they were perfect! Continued blessings in your endeavors/work.” — Vicki Daugherty, Walnut Street Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

Ladies, we cannot thank you enough for your participation in the Lynchburg, VA Air Show. You fit right in to our theme of Salute to Service as we honored our Veterans, Law Enforcement and First Responders. We were a Red, White and Blue patriotic event and your music was perfect. Your flexibility while we dealt with adverse weather and willingness to fill in where needed were deeply appreciated. When you sang the Air Force song to over 20 new Air Force enlistees and the Armed Forces Medley to all of our Veterans from WWII forward you had thousands mesmerized. Thank you, Gen. Dave Young (Ret), President, Lynchburg Regional Air Show.

Hi Wanda, I just wanted to send a note to thank you and your WONDERFUL group of ladies for the program you presented at Atria last week to celebrate my Uncle Lloyd Heller’s 100th Birthday. He was still talking about it on Sunday when we had the open house. He has been beaming all week. You all were fantastic! What a program! Chris Holtman, Niece