December 6-10, 2021
Intl Council of Airshows Convention
Las Vegas, NV

December 12, 2021
Morgan & Nay Christmas/Patriotic Show
Madison, IN
Performance Time: 2:00pm

Past Performances

September 9, 2021
Lanesville Heritage Weekend
Lanesville, IN
Performance Time: 5:30-6:30pm

September 18, 2021
Presbyterian Women Gathering
Private Event

September 24, 2021
B-17 Yankee Lady Showcase
Madison Airport Authority. Madison, IN
Performance Time - late afternoon TBD

September 24-26, 2021
Wings Over the Wabash
Palestine, IL
Performance Time: to be announced

October 20, 2021
Honor Flight Bluegrass
Washington DC

November 9, 2021
Magnolia Springs
Louisville, KY
Performance Time: 5:30-6:30pm

November 11, 2021
Story Point Retirement Community
Private Event

November 13, 2021
70th Anniversary Party
Ridgecrest, NC 28770
Performance Time: 1:00-2:00pm